Why Vietnam Is Your Next Investment Destination

Why Vietnam Is Your Next Investment Destination

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Vietnam has long been an attractive investment location for investors from abroad, due to its strategic location, socio-political stability and a low-cost, yet skilled labour force. Despite the challenges brought by the epidemic, Vietnam has proved that it can successfully manage the situation and bring its economy back in shape post-pandemic.

Vietnam markets overview?

In the past 11 months of 2021, Vietnam has been performing fairly good in terms of FDI even with the pandemic. There was almost US$26.46 billion in FDI inflows as of November 20, 2021.

Manufacturing and processing acquired the majority of FDI flows, followed by distribution and electricity manufacturing real estate, wholesale and retail. Singapore, South Korea, and Japan were the leading investors in Vietnam. The main export partners for Vietnam are those from the US, China, the EU, ASEAN, and South Korea, while import top import partners included China, South Korea, ASEAN, Japan, and the EU.

Vietnam remains heavily dependent on the import of raw materials. Products manufactured in Vietnam are typically exported to the US and the EU, and China.

How do investors get access to the market?

There are a variety of market entry หุ้นเวียดนาม options to enter to the Vietnamese market. These include representative office (RO), branch offices (BO) Foreign-invested entity (FIE (also LLC)), joint-stock company (JSC) as well as private-public partnerships (PPP) alternatives. Our experience suggests that the most well-liked investment vehicles are the RO as well as the FIE. The RO is simple to establish and is also a good choice for those who are first-time investors. However, businesses must have a lease agreement before setting up an entity. The timeframes to set up can vary so it's best to begin early, to avoid any issues and to set realistic expectations.

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